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Podcast Interviews 

Come along for the ride as I share my travel adventures and insights on various podcast interviews. As a guest on different shows, I delve into the stories and lessons from my travels, from overcoming challenges to discovering new cultures. These conversations offer a unique and exciting perspective on the world and what it has to offer.

Tomorrows Travel Leaders Panel

Pelumi Nubi, Founder, Comfy Trav
Bex Landale, Senior Travel Consultant, Audley Travel
Craig Everett, CEO and Co-founder, Holibob
Bridget Donaldson, Cabin Crew & Sustainability Researcher, TUI


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Brands from all over the world have confidence in my expertise and knowledge about travel. They trust me to provide valuable insights, tips, and information about different destinations, cultures, and experiences to help create exceptional travel experiences for their customers. My expertise in travel has made me a sought-after speaker and collaborator for travel-related events, campaigns, and initiatives.

If you want me to be a part of your next event or brand partnership, I’d love to hear from you. 


Pelumi Interviewed By All Things We See Podcast On How To Travel On A Budget As A Newbie

Interested in traveling but confused where to start? Join Pelumi and Udeme Asian on the All Things We See Podcast for tips on achieving your travel dreams without breaking the bank. Find helpful tips to help you plan from scratch specifically tailored for new travelers.

Pelumi Stars In This Episode Of The Twenty Somethings Rant Sharing Insight Into Her Life And Traveling Tips For Twenties

When is the right age to start traveling? How to make the most of your twenties as a travel enthusiast? In this episode of the Twenty Somethings Rant, Pelumi shares her story, how she started traveling and how she achieved her 30 before 30 goal. Also find traveling tips for your twenties

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Pelumi On BBC Focus On Africa Podcast Sharing Why She Stuck With The Black Kintsugi Name

Ever wondered about the origin of the Kintsugi name? In this brief 4 minute piece, Pelumi gists with Hannah Ajala about the inspiration behind the name ‘Black Kintsugi’.

Speaking of Travel

Pelumi Nubi provides travelers of color advice, inspiration, and a way to explore the world as part of a community. She shows how traveling can be easy, safe, and doable, especially as a Black, solo female traveler.


Pelumi Interviewed By Africa And Budget On Best Travel Tips

In this 49 minute podcast, Pelumi guides listeners on their travel plans. Drawing from her well of experience, she shares simple actionable tips on what to do and what not to do as you plan your next adventure.

Pelumi Interviewed By The Can’t Stop… Won’t Stop Podcast In Creating A Work-Travel Balance

How do you balance traveling with making a living.
What to do with you travel plans in the face of uncertainties.
These are a few of the questions answered by Pelumi in this episode of the Nomad Peeps podcast. Pelumi shares how she is simultaneously working on her PhD in Cancer Research and hitting her travel goals.


Pelumi Gets Personal With The Black Women Travel Podcasts

Ever wondered what make the Black Kintsugi thick? Her inspiration? Her go to song for a cry? This episode in collaboration with the Black Women Travel Podcast offers an in depth study into the person that is Pelumi Nubi. She shares her dreams of traveling to the moon, what started her on this path, her challenges and triumphs so far. It’s 84 minutes of heart warming openness and inspiration. Some have even described it as, “listening to your best friend tell you about her favorite trip”.

Solo Female Travel and passport Privilege

My guest today is Pelumi Nubi has been to 61 countries at the time of this podcast going live. Pelumi is on a mission to be the youngest black woman to visit every country in the world. We talked about solo travel, travelling as a black woman, passport privilege and more. 


Pelumi- On Big Dreams, Solo Travel and Kintsugi!

With a goal of seeing every country in the world, Pelumi has already gone to 55 countries out of 193. Her message that travel is safe, easy and doable is echoed in the community she has built around.

 Have Fun! with Travel Blogger and Co-Founder of Black Explorer Magazine, Pelumi Nubi

Today’s guest is Pelumi Nubi, a London-based travel blogger and co-founder of Black Explorer Magazine, a print publication on a mission to amplify the black narrative in travel. Pelumi moved to the UK from Nigeria when she was just 10 years old. Since then, she has made it her mission to visit every country in the world (she’s visited 61 so far).


Two Solo Black Female Travelers

Shakeemah “Keem” Smith a.k.a. The Passport Abuser and Pelumi Nubi. Both are women and both are Black women from different countries. They share their stories, the catalyst of becoming a solo traveler and tips to help and encourage those who are considering traveling solo. 

 Destination - Africa In this episode I’m joined by Pelumi Nubi, co-founder of The Black Explorer to discuss solo travelling in Africa.

In this episode I’m joined by Pelumi Nubi, co-founder of The Black Explorer to discuss solo travelling in Africa, specifically Namibia, Rwanda, Kenya, and Zanzibar. If you've ever wanted to travel to Africa, this episode is for you.


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